teenage kicks

teenage kicks

join this group for lots of contests!
current contest: valentines day ☀
est. march 15, 2014

Lots of Contests

Lots of Contests

w e l c o m e ♡
this group will have a new contest each week ♡
each contest will have 12 winners & no set limit ♡

project poly-friends /  the creative group

project poly-friends / the creative group

Welcome to Project Poly-friends !
This is a creative group open to everyone !
This group is open to all types of sets!
show off your own unique creations!
****Sponsored sets accept !*****
Please do not send sets with profanity, nudity, hate or painful harakter.Te will be rejected!
I believe that everyone deserves a chance to manifest!
***** There will be many interesting topics and contests with prizes! *****
Creativity makes us happy!!
I'm with you Julia